Living Reef Memorial

The only green burial alternative for the health of our oceans on the west coast.   


A Living Reef Memorial is a permanent undersea living memorial, for those who choose cremation.    Living Reef Memorials are scientifically engineered artificial marine habitats that mimic habitat of hundreds of species of threatened or endangered marine life.  Ashes of the departed are lovingly preserved by casting the ashes within the reef itself.   After the reef has had time to cure (30 days)  the memorial reef is transported to sea by a non polluting wind powered sailboat and installed onto the sea floor. Almost immediately a natural transformation occurs and the reef begins to bloom with a bounty of life.  The life that is created from the ashes of the departed is in perfect harmony with nature and leaves a positive legacy of love, life, and hope that will forever live on.  

If planning for your own final needs, or having to choose a burial option for someone else, a Living Reef Memorial provides benefits that no other traditional burial option can.

  • Completely permanent and secure.
  • Traditionally unique and affordable. 
  • Easy to order and arrange .
  • Sustainable and environmentally beneficial. 
  • A burial you and your family can be proud of. 
  • Leaves a positive footprint for those who leave behind.
  • All proceeds benefit saving sea turtles from extinction. 
  • You leave this world a better place with a Living Reef Memorial.

To order your Living Memorial Reef call us toll free at 800 569 REEF or 7333.  We are here to help 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST.

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